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Fashion symbiosis under the name Laardesign
Laardesign is the Croatian brand formed as a fashion symbiosis of a mother and daughter. The name is an abbreviation (or perhaps more accurately – the acronym) of their names – LeaAnaRenata.

The Laar is a duo who each in their own way implements themselves in it, twenty-year Ana-Lea brings street style and urban fashion experience while Renata brings distinctive texture, sensitivity and softness in the selection of the form. The selection is always organza, taffeta, silk, leather, linen…

Their distinctive touch is asymmetry and purified lines. The colours are often called, „not a colour“ (achromatic colours), which have the function of highlighting the shape of the garment, in which sometimes the voluminous ideas of the cut take the dominance. In spite of the fact that the brand exists only a year and a half, it has been recognized thanks to the concept that perceives fashion as style and reflection and not like imposed trend. They emphasize that their customers are always people with strong attitude. A plate of olive wood with the logo Laar, a very innovative detail imposed by itself, in a such a way has become a story that talks about the clothing that was created in Istria. In line with this, they have wanted to present their campaigns with visuals that are recognized not only in Istria, but also much broader, like the one made in the house-ship in Pješčana uvala or in Dean Skira’s House of Lights in Pula. The story would not have had such a boom and would not be recognized so quickly if it did not happen some nice people who gave them an incentive to continue. The association „All faces“ led by Iva Tuđa brings together numerous designers and has become a platform within which they operate. Ana –Lea started to absorb fashion shows at the very early age of 13. However, she says that London stands in front of the others because the idea of clothes that she wants to create is close to urban and avant-garde style that she met there while Rome and Milan she experienced through the glamorous style that she wants to work through a mini collection.

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